We generate wealth investing in businesses focused on climate and societal outcomes.


    • Emerging markets excluding China need $1trn / yr in investment in this decade to get to Net Zero by 2050
    • 75% of energy-related emission reductions can come from Renewables
    • Energy Efficiency alone can reduce 25% of the industrial emissions in India
    • Electric Vehicles is estimated to be a $7trn global opportunity between 2021 to 2030 and the estimate for India alone is $206bn
    • Electrifying 2Ws alone, India can offset 62% of its gasoline use
    • Transportation accounts for 21% of global emissions
    • Green buildings are estimated to present a $24.7trn low-carbon investment opportunity in emerging markets by 2030
    • Built environment contributes 50% of global CO2 emissions
    • Emerging Market building stock is expected to 2x by end of the decade
    • Circular economy can create $4.5trn of economic benefits by 2030
    • Reuse of e-waste can meet 44% of India’s critical mineral needs
    • Recycled metals are 2x to 10x more energy efficient than those smelted from virgin ore
    • Without recycle and better management, 40% of India will have no access to drinking water by 2030
We invest in businesses poised for growth.

When it is time for your business to take off – along with capital we are here to open markets and provide you with all the tools and partnerships you need to succeed!

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Build trust being true, transparent and accountable.


Use insight, innovation, skill and labour to make good investments.


Bring diversity in people, ideas and intelligent teamwork for success.


Be curious, pursue knowledge and stay humble.


Experience and Expertise in
for exceptional

Global investment professional with more than 35 years of experience with renowned institutions. Anita has set up 3 investment platforms and pioneered many new sectors such as Green Tech in India

Close to 4 decades of deep experience in Business, Supply Chain and Operations; Expertise in using tech for business and sustainability outcomes.

Senior Investment professional with 20+ years of experience; Led multiple landmark investments across India, China, Brazil in 15+ sectors; Expert in investments, structuring, and building ecosystem.


  • Business solutions beneficial for people and planet while achieving commercial success. These solutions range across climate change mitigation and Adaptation, resource efficiency, and societal inclusion.

  • ESG is how you do business whereas sustainability refers to the business solutions. A high standard of ESG creates durable shareholder wealth, and ESG could apply to every single business. We assess ESG practice while investing and help enhance it in our investee companies

  • We invest in commercial businesses which help accelerate sustainability and climate change mitigation and adaptation. We look for technology focussed companies with solutions which can be scaled globally and have achieved product market fit.

  • We invest at scale-up stage, providing early growth capital to our investee companies.

  • 100+ years of experience in sustainable businesses and investing experience across business cycles, and scaling young companies makes the team unique. The team brings technology, domain expertise, unparalled global network and understanding of public policy and a deep appreciation of the market. We have pioneered many sustainability sector-first investments, investing $5bn+ in 150+ companies across 20+ countries. The team has also built global sustainability focused businesses.

  • Accelerating sustainability adoption will require impact measurement and reporting that is scientific and objective. Edhina ’s impact measurement framework delivers a 360 degree view of its portfolio along with financial parameters.

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